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Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc.- RTDCA, Inc.  

aka, Russkiy Toy Club of America – RTCA,  from 11/2008 until 3/2009

Our whole website has been moved to this more secure web provider today Dec 27, 2014, and is still under CONSTRUCTION. We hope to have much less hacking from now on.



Apocrypha by Valery Novikov:

Valery Novikov, the main author of the FCI Russkiy Toy Standard, died unexpectedly of a stroke in early 2015. His book is being translated to English, and will be distributed to all interested persons. Check this page fir further info in the near future.




June 10-13, 2015   RUSSKIY TOY DOG CLUB OF AMERICA’s NATIONAL Specialty Show and Raffle!

June 10, 2015,  Kalamazoo County Expo Center and Fairground, 2900 Lake Street,  Kalamazoo, MI  49048
p.s. Spayed/Neutered RTs are welcome to participate in our National Specialty.

For more details on our Show, please contact: Merrilee Edison: mialaskaedje@gmail.com or Carol Rosecrans: osprey460@aol.com

RTDCA’s Annual meeting will be held at camping lot 153, about 5:00pm on June 10, 2015

June 11-12-13, 2015 is the UKC Premier & 2014TopTen Dog Show which includes many fun events to watch or take part in  AGILITY, RALLY, WEIGHT PULLS, DRAG RACES, NOSEWORK, LURE COURSING, TERRIER RACES, DOCK JUMPING, BARN HUNT,OBEDIENCE, JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP, CONFORMATION   ETC.


Donations would be appreciated for TROPHIES and RAFFLE Items.  Items maybe mailed to Eloise before June 4, 2015. Eloise Raymond,

1314 LaBree Ave., Thief River Falls, MN 56701,  or just bring them to the show.

Money donations can be mailed to :  Marty Wojtaszek, 16 Scotia Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-2309. Checks/Money Orders made out to RTDCA Inc., or use the RTDCA Pay Pal account, UKCRusskiyToy@aol.com


    moscow st.basil daytime122012Moscow, Kremlin & St.Basil Cathedral; photo by Anki Larsson, 2005

Welcome to the HOME of the Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc. – RTDCA, Inc. You have entered the pages of the Original Organization for the Russkiy Toy breed in America, founded in 2008!  Enjoy your visit into the world of this tiny, rare breed – one of the smallest dogs in the world!

You will find our pages full of interesting facts on this beautiful, agile, highly intelligent, and versatile Russkiy Toy dog. We hope you will be inspired to join our Club, the Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc. Join us, to learn, support, help protect and maintain the beauty and integrity of the Russkiy Toy in the spirit of its country of origin, guided by the United Kennel Club’s Standard.

The Club has over 290 years of combined exhibition and breeding experience among our members. We have the most knowledgeable individuals of Russkiy Toy dog breeding, health and training in the US. Members of our Club have been actively involved with this breed since 2004.  RTDCA, Inc’s continued pre-eminence among Russkiy Toy breeders, owners and fanciers is undisputed.

Our National RT Breed Club is the oldest, largest and most active Russkiy Toy Breed Club in America, founded in 2008!        We issue Club newsletters on a regular basis, with educational and fun articles.

We are very proud of our many members and their hard work to register their RTs with UKC,  plan UKC Specialty Shows,  as well as giving Judges Seminars and Workshops on the Russkiy Toy dog’s Standard.  Every dog in the UKC 2011 TopTen Premier belonged to members of our Club.

Enjoy your visit and remember to look up our Breeders List, when you are ready to own a beautiful Russkiy Toy puppy or adult. Please consider joining us! Everyone is welcome!

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/RTDCAInc.

Important Notice The Russkiy Toy Dog Club of America, Inc (RTDCA,Inc) does not support the purposeless mass breeding of Russkiy Toy dogs. We expect all club members, who have breeding programs, to breed to the FCI/UKC recognized standard of excellence, and to the guidelines of UKC. The RTDCA, Inc further expects all members to be ever vigilant in the preservation and protection of the Russkiy Toy dog.


RTDCA, Inc’s objectives are:

* To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of the pure-bred Russkiy Toy, and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection, and to promote ethical breeding practices to preserve both type and temperament.

* To urge members and breeders to accept the Standard of the RusskiyToy as approved by the Fédéracion Cynologique Internationale (FCI)  and United Kennel CLub (UKC) as the only Standard of excellence by which the RusskiyToy shall be judged and to educate members and both current judges and prospective judges to that Standard.

* To maintain a registry for the purebred Russkiy Toy and preserve its integrity.

* To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed, promote responsible ownership, and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows where the Russkiy Toy compete; to sponsor specialty shows, as well as educational seminars for both members and the general public.

* To advance the health and well-being of the Russkiy Toy with particular commitment to guarding against the propagation of inheritable genetic diseases.

* To prevent the exploitation and abuse of the breed and educate the public regarding the risks associated with purchasing from puppy mills , commercial breeders, auctions and pet shops, and to encourage and assist rescue operations that involve the Russkiy Toys.

* To acknowledge and advance the role of a National Club in providing education, health research, and support of rescue and reduction of overpopulation for the benefit of the breed and the general public.


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